Watercolor, Colored Pencils & Ink Paintings

Some of my watercolor, colored pencils and ink paintings.

Watercolor, Colored Pencils & Ink Paintings
Some more of my drawings. These ones I made this year (2015)! Enjoy :)
Ink and watercolor.
Cyborg woman. Drawing I did on my sketchbook with ink.
A rose done with ink and colored pencils.
The sketch on the right is made with ink and the painted version on the left is made with ink and watercolor.
A Zelda fanart. I made a previous sketch in pencil and then a version in watercolor.
A fast watercolor and ink sketch for training.
A drawing I did in my sketchbook with colored pencils.
A dragon in ink I did on my sketchbook.
Woman in ink.
Woman in ink and watercolor.
Thank you for watching!

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