This was for a company called thinktecture. They provide consulting services to software developers and architects - help them understand new software-development technologies (languages, frameworks, databases...) and use them in their projects.
They work with cutting-edge technologies, usually 2-4 years before they reach the mainstream software developers in their market.
The technologies they use are Microsoft's .NET Framework, HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS. Clients develop software for desktop systems, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 8.
They wanted a t-shirt and coffee mug design for an Europe's largest JavaScript conference they would be sponsoring. Here are my entries to both projects:
The T-shirts designs.
Unfortunately, the mug design required specific CMYK colors to be printed, because they were going to use special offset-printers, so I needed to change them.  It seems that printing on a coffee mug is especially hard, so that only the colors on the following web site under the heading of "Tassen bedruckt mit keramischen Farben (auf weißer Keramik)" are possible to be printed:
Thank you for watching! :)

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