Palate Wizards is a company that works with beverage alcohol retailers and brands to create a new palate profile process for wines, craft beers and artisanal spirits using 1) an app delivered consumer questionnaire 2) an app that allows consumers to scan wines, beers and drink recipes to get ratings and info on those products outside or inside of a beverage alcohol retailer 3) an app that simultaneously keeps a record of their home bar or wine cellar.
Based in that and also in the name of the company, I created a logo that associates the idea of beverages (the cup) with something magical (stars and moon - wizards). The concept is basically, "a company that makes magic" - palate profiles.
Below you will find some of my entries to the crowdspring project that made it all happen.
I hope you'll enjoy it!
"Bauhaus is used frequently for public signage, especially to evoke the art deco feel of the early 20th century, and for other display and decorative uses. It’s also found online and in broadcast images, especially advertising headlines and broadcast programming titles. Its very distinctive appearance also makes it popular as a wordmark, for logo design and packaging design. The monotone strokes and lack of serifs or other adornment make it unsuitable for continual text, although it can be used in presentations and booklets that rely more on graphics than on text.
Bauhaus was used as the on-screen title for the 1970s sitcom The Jeffersons, the wordmark of the (now defunct) Bamberger’s department store chain, and is used for onscreen graphics for the Internet cartoon Homestar Runner."
An example of an app screen.
...And a powerpoint template.
Thank you for watching! :)

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